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The Rave Rover - Mobile DJ Hot Rod

What is the Rave Rover mobile DJ Car????


  1. a lively party or gathering involving dancing.

  2. a large party that lasts all night in which people dance to music


The Rave Rover is an obscene amount of fun packed into one crazy hot rod.  Boasting over 13,500 watts of amplified power, dance club quality lighting, enough TV’s to fill a house, custom painted 454 Chevy big block engine, it’s own Apple computer full of every song you can think of and TWO DJ mixing board used to keep the crowds energized. You can use our in house DJ's or hire your own for your event! Mix match our audio toys and create a totally unique experience for your event! 


This is the most creative, over the top, wild event vehicles in WORLD!  The Rave Rover is featured nationally from Nashville to LA including events such as Duck Commander 4th of July, Desert Storm, Country Thunder, National Night Out, Extreme Machines, Havasu Street Scenes, Lucas Oil Drag Boat Races, IJSBA World Final Jet Ski Races, Big Boys Toys, Freight Night and many more!  The Rover has been featured on 12 News Phoenix, Fox 3 Las Vegas and Fox 17 in Nashville!  It has been featured in several magazines and has even been in a full feature film!   




Rave Rover Specification Sheet


The Rave Rover is fully loaded with all the awesomeness you would expect from a wildly custom entertainment/marketing vehicle.  Everyone wants to know what powers the Rave Rover and what is she made of.   We’d like to share some of her secrets.


The Rave Rover’s original frame is a 2 wheel drive 1979 Chevy pick up truck with custom built dually wheels.  The steel frame is a complete ground up fabrication of pure imagination.  The 454 Chevy big block engine was moved back 2 feet and lowered for a unique center mount location.  The engine block features hydrographed valve covers and air intake.  LED lights line the under carriage of the vehicle and a custom welded after burner that blows real smoke with light effects that give the appearance of flames shooting out the back end.  Jet Lift provided the jet ski rails mounted on the hood that allow the dual purpose of looking like missile launchers or carrying a Jet Ski.


The professional level DJ entertainment system provided by Hollywood DJ boasts a 13,500 watt power house PA system with all top of the line QSC sponsored speakers and subwoofer run by a Numark NS7ii control board on the front deck.  The upper deck features a Pioneer club level control board.  Five video screens present music videos, marketing materials and event photos.  The eight microphone PA system insures everyone can participate and be heard at any event.  Incredible outdoor lighting effects create a nightclub feel with American DJ and Chauvet lighting system and two 1600 watt Chauvet geyser fog machines.  


To power the obscene amount of electronics the Rave Rover has 12 volt and 110 current provided by a 3500 watt generator assisted by a 4500 watt hybrid invertor, 4 gel batteries, a 60 amp breaker system and an automatic power transfer switch.  The Rave Rover is fully electrically contained and self sufficient but when shore power is available there is a special plug for recharging.


And that is just some of the incredible features that make the Rave Rover rock.  Join us at our next event to truly experience the clarity of music and the thump of the bass that is sure to get you dancing and staring in wonderment at the spectacular light show!

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